April 22, 2012

Australia 1x10: Jerusalem, Israel

Previously on Shekel and Jekyll (or: Oy Default!) (or: Shalom, Bitches!) (or: ...well, multitudes of questionably-funny puns): According to Grant, nothing but Dave and Kelly's elimination out in front of a suburban McDonalds. Also: Actually, that pretty much sums it up, but they did manage to complete their recreating-the-steps-of-the-Dutch-Jewish-Holocaust-survivors thing by escaping Poland and heading to Tel Aviv, Israel. Because you know where Jewish people can feel safe and protected? The Middle East. Anyway, after another pointless long-distance trip to the Road Block and back, a lame gossipy task and an even lamer Detour, the four teams who successfully managed to finish the leg reached the Masada ruins. Since there's only these four teams and three episodes left until we have a winner, it's clear the answer to this question is almost certainly going to be "nobody, dumbarse", but still: Which of them will be eliminated... TONIGHT?

Credits. Look, I support domestic violence about as much as the next person, assuming the next person isn't a professional footballer or Matthew Newton, but still: Why can't Richard wear the boxing gloves? [BOMP, ZOOM, STRAIGHT TO THE MOON.]

Well, nothing happens in the entire episode. No, literally nothing. No interesting tasks, no new country, no elimination, not even a single change of position. I mean there really isn't a reason to bother sitting down to recap the whole episode, aside from possibly the sheer offensiveness of the "recreate Jesus's final steps with the crucifix" Detour. And I can discuss that in next week's "Previously on Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy Vey! Oy Vey! Oy Vey!" section. So are we all in agreement I should just skip over this one and see you next week? Good.

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