July 18, 2011

A Post, But No Recap

Hello, dear readers.

I apologise for the slow pace with which the recent recaps have been uploaded. Over the weekend I tried recapping the first Israel episode, but very quickly realised that with the ongoing storylines both on the show and in the recaps (SETTLE DOWN, ALL THE HOT YOUNG MALE CONTESTANTS), it just isn't going to work. The other issue is that I'm getting just as fatigued as the contestants by writing so much in such a short time -- according to my word counter, the first seven recaps come in at over 87,647. I'll have to check and make sure, but that's about the equivalent of a Harry Potter book. In eight weeks. Having to stop and start after every sentence or so. So, what to do? My two options are basically to either stop recapping entirely, recharge my batteries, and recap the remaining five episodes (or six, we're still not entirely sure) at a later date, which could be next month or which could be the twelfth of never; or to keep pushing ahead at a much slower pace, not stress about getting the recaps out in a timely fashion, and just recap them bit by bit until they're all done. Either way, there's no way any of the remaining recaps will be done at the pace set by the earlier recaps, especially considering I'm about to return to university. For now, I'll go with the latter option, taking my time to get it right rather than rushing out a group of half-assed mini recaps like those you'd see on many other blogs. (Hi, guys!) Hopefully, the entire season will be done by year's end but right now I really can't promise anything. It's a shame it's come to this, but keep the site bookmarked and the recaps will be uploaded in due time.

-- David

PS: Eeeeee, second season!

PPS: ...Yes. Time permitting.


  1. Write shorter mate, and take care.

    - Doc Missionary

  2. Good luck with the slower pace, I look forward to seeing them as they appear.

  3. Although it is disappointing that you are unable to complete recapping the season as it airs, you did an "amazing" job and deserve to be congratulated. As a long-time TWoP devotee, I am impressed by your dedication and acknowledge your homage to that website, but if you will accept some constructive criticism (given with all good intentions), you need to write shorter. Go back and have another look at TWoP - sometimes parts of the recap are just a recap - you don't need to add a comment to every single event, or try to find something funny, absurd or obnoxious in every single action. You said it yourself in 1 x 07 that you needed to Stop Randomly Capitilising words - you're guilty of overkill. Plus the "settle-down Tom" theme got tiring very quickly. Good luck with your future writing - you have a talent that just needs to be fine-tuned. And thank you for entertaining us up to this point in the season.

  4. I've been enjoying your recaps, and the shipping, immensely; hope the slower pace is better for you and look forward to seeing the recaps appear in due time!
    (the number of times I mentally yell "Settle down Tom!"per episode is terrible, it really is!)

  5. Yeah, I'm definitely going to try and get rid of (SETTLE DOWN, TOM.) -- never with an exclamation mark in the recaps, and I don't remember why -- in the very near future.

    There may not be a recap in the next week or so, but within the next fortnight there will be a different blog post that's even more informative...